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07 21 17 - @___@ *flump*
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I really, really need to not watch let's plays of 3D open world games, omfg. /o\ Don't ask me why, but they make me SO DIZZY, it's horrible. I'm fine if I'm the one playing them, assuming I have a controller. If I have to try and play with a mouse, though, nope, same problem. Though actually I think she was playing keyboard-and-mouse style, so maybe it's just mouse-controlled cameras that are the problem. Anyway, I need to NOT DO THAT, because the kinda dizziness that comes with it DOESN'T GO AWAY unlike, say, motion sickness, so yeaaaah. Ugh.

In other news, my Cunning Plan to relocate shoes has worked. Definitely need some kinda dividers, because they don't stack as-is, but yes. Progress!! It feels weird, though, when I look at it. I'm hoping that will fade as I get used to it Being Different.

Tomorrow is be clean barfroom day, and hopefully also getting this freaking sorting-out-old-papers stuff done day, I didn't work on it today because reasons. And by reasons I mean I went op-shopping with Mama because she needed a thing, which is super draining. (Not that Mama BELIEVES me when I tell her this, but. Small steps. Small.)
07 20 17 - Wheeee
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I threw out something like two kilos of paper today. THAT IS A LOT OF PAPER OKAY?? Just. Wow. SO MUCH CRAP. Still have to organise the stuff I'm keeping, but yeah. It's a thing.

Also there's a hot dog event on the pet site, draw a hot dog custom and get it uploaded for free, and even though I don't like hot dogs and wasn't planning on doing one, well...

grumpy purple dragon eating a hotdog
07 19 17 - So much sorting. SO MUCH.
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I have two large piles and a small pile on my floor right now. Recycling, binders/folders/etc that are now empty, and the stuff I'm keeping, in that order. Mama's getting very ARGH about it, because for whatever reason she's fairly invested in my room being tidy, but I've still got about a third to go, so yeaaaaah.

Still. A LOOOOT of stuff going out! Which means I have more room for things, so HOPEFULLY I'll be able to get some stuff more organised! Haven't 100% decided what I'm going to move into that space, there's a bunch of possibilities. Might move my tech stuff? But I have hopes that I can rearrange my desk so that it both fits on here and is easily accessible, so maybe not... *ponders* May have to play around with things until I find something I'm happy with, honestly.

Though I just Had An Idea - not for this stuff, but for some other stuff - so I might try that out before I actually go to sleep. Yes. Goal for this break, btw, is to find somewhere to keep my shoes, so they're not in a pile on the floor for another six months, hahaha.
07 18 17 - Whoops up super late >>;;
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I maybe got my brain eaten by Starbound this evening, whoops.

But! I did do stuff today! Tidied shit, went for a walk with my parents, started clearing out some old uni stuff - which, speaking of. I've been going through and throwing out TEN YEAR OLD ESSAYS, what the actual fuck is this shit. Just. How has it been ten fucking years since I started this whole higher education thing?? And I'm still in fucking first year! Time is such bullshit, I swear.

Also did a bit of art and read things and yeah. Plenty of stuff happened! Just um whoops late now. >>;
07 17 17 - Sunday~~
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Today was very chill, yes. :3

Went for a walk with Mama, and played a lot of Starbound. That's... more or less it haha. Didn't really mean to play THAT much game, but, well, sometimes that happens.

I DID get a Hat Pikachu, though! :D Am verra pleased, now I have at least one of ALL the special edition pikachu! (Do I care about pikachu? No. But they're collectable!! And if I get enough candy I'll make them all into special edition RAICHU, which are clearly 1000x better. >D)
07 16 17 - *hisses at the outside*
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It's so cold I'm going to bed not because I'm tired - I am super not - but because my hand feels like an icecube and there's really no point staying out of bed just to poke at clickypets breedings - I can do those in the morning. >:

Ugh, it's been freezing today. I've been coughing a bunch even though I haven't gone outside, the ambient temperature's just been... not good. Have spent most of the day wrapped up in blankets, hahaha!

I did, however, get a bunch of dusting done, which is nice since it was on this week's Cleaning To Do List. Using Trello for that seems to be working well, too, which is nice. :3

And now, TO THE DOONA!!! And blankets. And yes. >>;;
07 15 17 - Productive!!
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I actually did a bunch today! Vacuumed, tidied, load of washing, cleaned the bathroom, helped Mama make a cake, went to Grandma's for foods... Yeah. Lots of things.

Also a bunch of breaks because omg tired nao, so A+ self-care, I think? Like, I didn't start to do anything new until I felt up for it, no pushing through, which, good going self! But also forward momentum, yaaaay~

Dinner at Grandma's was a bit much for me - not that it wasn't fun, just, I was Done about an hour before everyone else was, siiigh. Still. It was definitely worth the effort, which is always nice. :3 Cousins continue to be Very Loud, but I doubt that's going to change at this point, haha.

And now I curse my stupidity in staying out of bed this late when it's this cold, because omg fingers stiff not fun!!!
07 14 17 - *flops*
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Not much again today. I need to stop spending hours and hours reading fic. >>;;;;;;

I have so many bad habits, siiiigh.

Anyway, Mama and I went down the shops today, since one of the local cheap-things shops is closing down, and I managed to get some handkerchiefs!!! That are ACTUALLY NICE!!! What is this even. :D

There were also adorable fluffy Christmas pjs, with cats in santa hats, or reindeer in glasses... but unfortunately they were all too small for me. :( O WELL.

Also picked up some darning needles, because as Mama says: you can never have too many of them. (I swear the fuckers play hide-and-seek on you, they're even worse than tablet pens...) So yeah. Pretty successful trip. :3
07 13 17 - Puppeh!!!
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Today we went over to Sibling's and had lunch! SO MUCH PUPPEH, Yuki remains the cutest cuteface. :D :D :D

Also we walked to the restaurant and back, and it was nice and sunny out, so that was made of yay. My father slipped over and landed pretty hard, though, which was less yay. :/

But mainly PUPPEH :D :D :D I mean, she's two, she's not actually a puppy any more, but she still LOOKS like a puppy. A bit more mature, though, haha.
07 11 17 - *flomp*
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Nothing much today, either.

Classes next semester look like whoever's done the scheduling was aiming for near-maximum terribad in lectures - I've got a 5:30-7:30, and then two 8:30AM starts. Just. Like. No??? (I mean, I don't mind doing late evenings, but getting home ~9h (maaaybe 10h, depending on trains) before I have to be leaving for the next day is just nasty. :|)

And of course since it's the lectures, I don't actually have any ability to change them? Also I have a clash because it looks like one class only has one tutorial and I just. Nooooooo, why ;; (Also, on a fourth day. Why. Whyyyy. Four days is TOO MANY DAYS.)

Anyway, I should probably start emailing people about the clash, at the very least. But not tonight. Tonight is for sleeps, yes. >:
07 11 17 - Bloop
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Nothing much today, either.

Though I did fold my washing and then start tidying my room and it took like maaaybe 15 minutes after I finished the washing before my brain fell out of my head and I had to do quiet things until dinner.

Being a crazy is so fucking annoying, omfg.
07 10 17 - Sunday
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Another quiet day today. A lot of reading, heh.

I have no idea why I'm super tired now - I didn't even wake up until like 1pm - but yeah uh sleep now. Yes.
07 09 17 - Quiet day.
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Mainly read fic and wept a lot. I should probably not binge-read very sad fics, but it's so hard to stop once I'm caught in the plot of things. >>;;

(As is becoming a theme, grief is difficult.)

Also played some Starbound, which continues to be fun. :3 Actually beat a couple of bosses!! Er. Very very early-game ones, even though I'm up to mid-late game equipment. >>;;; They were kinda easy... Whoops. I like exploring and crafting stuff a lot, though, so um yeah. Overlevelling: it's how I roll, even in a game without actual levels.
07 08 17 - Friday~~
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Today was more or less a catch-up-on-sleep and housework day. Which is fine, I've been up earlier than I'm used to (not that that's early!) the last few days, and we missed our usual housework day yesterday, so yeah, bunch of things needed doing. Pretty boring, all 'round, but useful!

I think I'm slowly getting at least a *bit* of energy back - my stamina's still shit, but I was able to do a bunch of dusting, clean the bathroom, go for a walk with Mama to get milk, and then after a fairly substantial break I was able to get enough brain to do some building in Starbound, and also tidy my room a little. (Just a very little! But hey, it counts.) So, hopefully I'll be able to continue to do things, yes. :3
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