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04 21 08
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anonymous meme

I'll totally comment on your guys' later when I have time. 8|; ♥
I'll make this public for grins. ♥ :V
01 07 08 - KAY LISTEN
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Tis from a Paramore song. :'D Whoo. Not too sure if I'll keep this one, but I needed a change. I've had oro chan9 since 6th grade. *sweat*

Anyway, please add me! ♥ I'll get around to adding all of you guys back onto this new SN soon.

Public so the whole world knows. ;D
10 03 07 - Misc stuff.
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Just some random crap I don't want clogging my userinfo right now.
To be edited/deleted later on.

This love's too good to last, and we're too young to care. )
07 29 07 - RANDOM CRAP YEY.
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Well, since I actually kinda did something at least online *hit*, I'll make a post.

Say hello to [livejournal.com profile] told!! ♥♥!! LUV U. ♥ *hit*

Moved my art/writing journal to a community.

[livejournal.com profile] _shiftingdream now is [livejournal.com profile] shiftingdream.
Such a name change, I know.

Posted up my Lloyd/Colette FST there, so take a look. ;D ♥ *hit*

And I finished the final Harry Potter book. Actually, I was a little miffed at the ending. She pretty much killed off half the characters I liked, and... I don't know. It was... weird. Kinda what I expected, but... I don't know. Kinda bleh to me. *shrug* Oh well. Ahahaha, I totally think Severus/Lily is adorable though. XDD *hit*

And I'm running on no sleep right now, so I'll just sign off. ♥

LUFF TO YOU ALL ♥xinfinity!!
06 28 07 - OTP list!
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Well, it's been geting too big for the userinfo, so it's time for a move. XD
OTP (or One True Pairing) list, in the style of [livejournal.com profile] sakebi and probably many others. ♥

So many stories of where I've been. )

More to be added with time, of course, as I get into new fandoms and remember older ones. ♥
04 22 07 - Random annoucement!
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I'm looking for a host. XD;

If anyone would be interested in hosting my art/home site, formerly at tani.wind-waker.org, please tell me. I'd kiss your feet for eternity. And don't worry, I shouldn't eat up too much space. XD; I'd dump all the image files on Photobucket unless you'd be willing to let me dump it all on the site ahaha.

Other than that, nothing really to report. *busy*


Public since I want it to be. XP
03 15 07 - HAY RANDOM
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Just kidding. XD Sort of. *present h0r*

Anyway. *silly* I'm 'officially' 18 at 5:41 PM, but whatever. I'M OLD NOW LOLOLO.

Luff to everyone! I'm glad to have known you another year, and I hope I stay in your fond company. 8D Cheesy, I know, stfu.

02 28 07 - Hiatus within the hiatus. ;;
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READ PLZ. ♥ *hit*

As many of you know, I've been checking up on things somewhat via my Wii's internet browser. Not really able to do much with it, but it's something.

Just a brief warning: I'm not going to really be able to check the FList or keep up with stuff for a little while. Just too busy lately. ;;

In any case, if you need/want to get a hold of me for whatever reason, just feel free to leave a comment or email me (or call if you have my number.) I'll be back as soon as I can. ♥

Sorry again, and hopefully I'll be off the real hiatus soon. ♥♥

Public since I feel like it. XP
01 01 07
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Happy New Year everyone! <3333

...And this song playing on the radio oddly fits. XD;
12 25 06 - Wii-time! *hit*
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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone, and much much love as always!!

From Tani, who is on the internet via her Wii. XD
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