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09 01 09
deviator: (Default)

I'm deviator on LJ. ♥ For further explanation, please check my FO post there.
09 02 05 (UTC)
Add meeee! Add meeee! *is shot*
09 02 05 (UTC)
ZOMG. :DD~ First friend~ :shot:
I'll add you. X33~ :luff:

And since you're the first to even venture in here and ask.... You can have a request. :D~ :shot:
10 05 05 (UTC)
ou! can Nero be added? I die at the loveliness of your current lj layout. Reminds me of my cheershipping icons I made.
10 05 05 (UTC)
Yes you may! ^_^ ♥
And thanks. >w< ♥
I love your Cheershipping icons. I based my LJ layout off of my current challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] iconfiend100. XD;
10 21 05 (UTC)
*poke* Add me?
10 21 05 (UTC)
Definately. :D ♥
10 27 05 (UTC)
Ooh! Add me?
10 27 05 (UTC)
Sure. :D
11 24 05 (UTC)
I like your Kaiba icon. @_@ And oh man, I could SO make a livejournal layout like yours, only I WON'T, because I totally ask the question:

"Why do we live? Why do we die? Why do we spend so much time in between designing shit layouts that only work on one resolution and on one browser for one day?"

Hah hah. See how funny I can be.

....and in case it came off that way, your layout ISN'T browser-noncompatible, it's me YAH ANYWAY.
Found through comment on another girl who is a member of YGO!badfic and I am a member as well so that proves the whole business.
11 24 05 (UTC)
XD Thank you. [livejournal.com profile] hales731 made it, if you were wondering. :3

And I'm glad to hear that the layout works on your browser. >_o I'm still a n00b with all this layout stuff. :|;
And your question made me laugh. Quite a bit, actually.

And I'll add you as a friend as soon as you add me as well. :D
And just to ask, could I have a link to said comment? I'm curious. :|
11 27 05 (UTC)
I totally love your layout. Oh and I wanna be your friend! [I adore Yugioh as well ^___^.] You seem very nice.
11 28 05 (UTC)
Thank you! 8D ♥ I'm glad you think so. :x
Thanks~ I added you. ♥
12 15 05 (UTC)
Ooh, add me? XD Your layout is so pretty <3 XD I like YGO too~ XDD;;
12 15 05 (UTC)
8D Sure~! And thanks~ X3 ♥♥
01 13 06 (UTC)
Wah! I've seen you around a lot, and we have a few common friends too.
I'm a huge YGO fan too, and I'd love to add j00! :D
01 13 06 (UTC)
8D Certainly~! ♥
:runs off to add j00: :x
01 28 06 (UTC)
Add me?

I used to hate the yaoi pairings but I'm getting into them a bit. We also have a few things in common as well (especially Yuugi x Anzu-that couple is really cute).

This is [livejournal.com profile] kikoken55 btw, I just changed my UN after four of five years of having it...xD
01 30 06 (UTC)
Sure~ 8D ♥♥
02 10 06 (UTC) - Geez, you are popular
Mousie sister dear, I hope you getting along with all these strange people...o.O
You are getting quite popular on the net.... o.o
02 10 06 (UTC) - Re: Geez, you are popular
Hahaha. Yeah yeah. *eye roll*
And I luff half of these strange people, so don't worry. XD Idiot.
♥ You nii-chan. 8|
03 01 06 (UTC)
hee, you interest me. ^.^ I'd like to be friends with you. I'm a Yu-Gi-Oh fan as well, we seem to have stuff in common. <3
03 01 06 (UTC)
XD Alrighty then~ *goes off to add you*
03 15 06 (UTC)
It seems this is quite a party over here! Haha. I've noticed you around at several of the ygo communities that I've joined since entering the LJ world a month or two ago. I'm a Yu-Gi-Oh fan as well, because it's awesome like that (huge conquestshipper)

And might I also mention that I love your current layout? It's gorgeous! *wishes she knew how to make herself a layout*

03 15 06 (UTC)
♥♥ 8D Eee~ Thankies.
And I've noticed you around myself. XD Your icons are very very pretty~ I love your style. X3 ♥
And would you like me to friends add you? XD ♥
03 16 06 (UTC)

Add me? :)
03 16 06 (UTC)
06 05 06 (UTC)
Heyyyy, I randomly clicked into your journal when you posted the three Zelda icons with your art. I was hoping to see more of your art at first, but then I saw your layout (and FO image!) and kinda died. SO effing cute!

Just wanted you to know :D
06 05 06 (UTC)
XDDD Thank you! 83 ♥♥
And I don't usually post any art here. XD; It's mostly at either my homepage or devART site. Thank you very much for the interest though! ♥♥
06 09 06 (UTC)
I think your icons are beautiful!!! -^_____^- I am gonna friend you! *poke poke* Hope that's okie dokie. ^.^ Maybe you can help me with my noobie icons making skillz. XD
06 09 06 (UTC)
p.s. You live in Shawnee Mission?!?! My soon to be in-laws live there! XD XD lol I think that's funny. ^.^ Never knew anyone else who lived there.
06 29 06 (UTC)
...Why are you not yet on my friends list? *adds* *hopes you add back when hiatus is over*
07 12 06 (UTC)
*adds* X3 ♥
I've been on a small brake from my hiatus for abit. |D; *lazy* ♥
07 07 06 (UTC)
Hello~~~ My name's Gift. Another big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! XD My best favourite character is Mokuba. I've seen you around and you seem nice. Friend me,please? ^_^ For more info about me,you can go here,http://iceduelist.livejournal.com/4392.html and here,http://iceduelist.livejournal.com/profile?mode=full !
P.S.Umm... There's a family part in your user info page. It said "Want to be a part of it? Just ask. :3 ♥". Could I be Mokuba then? If I can't,it's fine. =)
07 12 06 (UTC)
Sure! X3 *adds* ♥♥ You seem very sweet. 8D
Oh yeah. XD Sure! What kind of family member would you like to be? :D Such as cousin, sister, brother, etc. :3
04 25 07 (UTC)
Add me plz. I saw some of your avatars at zelda_icons. Awesomenss.
04 30 07 (UTC)
Sure! XD ♥ And thank you~ Sorry I didn't add you sooner. Stupid Yahoo mail sent some of my LJ messages to the bulk folder. :|
06 06 07 (UTC)

06 17 07 (UTC)

Btw, at friend's, using friend's computer. No internet yet. |D; *hit*
06 07 07 (UTC)

Er- hay, sup. A-kon buddies! Friend me~?
06 17 07 (UTC)
D8 FATALITY! *hit*

Yes! 8DDD ♥ Sorry I didn't add you sooner, I've been sick ;;
06 15 07 (UTC)
Hanna [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] reccommended that I friend you, if that's ok. XD;;
06 16 07 (UTC)
Forgot to add: I also love your icons and stuff. :3
07 02 07 (UTC)
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07 30 07 (UTC)
Hello! I was wondering if I may be added? We've got a couple of things in common, plus you seem pretty cool. ♥
07 30 07 (UTC)
Eeee~ Certainly! ♥ Added!
08 09 07 (UTC)
Well, you seem like a really awesome person, and we do have a few things in common. 8D *ahem* FOOOOR EXAMPLE: ToS♥, yaoi♥, Chobits♥, and perhaps a few other things but I'm just naming things by memory here. :x

Friends? :D ♥
08 10 07 (UTC)
Ahaha, acutally I'm more fond of het, but wth. ♥

Sure~ ♥
09 06 07 (UTC)
I am a totally random person who wants to friend you XD you seem really nice and your graphics are awesome and your a Sheelos fan which Im like 'ajkdsglagj'

So, hopefully you wont mind friending me ^^
09 09 07 (UTC)
ALsfdjasldj Yey another Zeroshii fan alsjdfalj. DDD: ♥ *cling*
And thank you~ *blushblush* ♥

No no, not at all. XD ♥
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