✁ could i be possibly insane
✃ let's break the walls down
Listen to me while I talk to the wall. 
11 05 08
deviator: (rena → i'm so sick)
Well, I was sleeping, but body decided to screw that up somehow. B| Bah. Probably going back to sleep in a bit, but, have a meme. ♥

Comment anonymously with:
❶ One thing you really like about me
❷ One thing you don't really like about me

Also, in retrospect, maybe watching Higurashi when I'm kinda emotionally unstable was a bad idea. XD;;

Public for now since LJ doesn't want anonymous to comment on a friends only entry.
11 07 08 (UTC)
1) I love what a talented person you are, and you don't brag about it. You're modest and brilliant, and i admire that.

2) I think you feel like you're not worth anything, and if I could change anything, it woul;d be to see yourself the way i see you.
11 07 08 (UTC)
1 FLSAKDFJ I AM NOT MODEST AT ALL I SWEAR ;; I brag too much, honestly. B|;; Plus, I'll get horrible ego rushes all the time with my pitiful doodles. >_>;; Th-thank you though. ♥

2 ;; ♥ Sometimes I do, but... When I hear stuff like this it makes me wonder. ♥
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